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classic case

Most airports have some kind of lighting for night operation. The type and diversity of lighting systems depends on the capacity and complexity of the airport. Airport lights are visual AIDS for night and complex weather methods and landings, and important AIDS for radio methods and landing systems. It has gone from simply providing visual indications and guidance signals for the aircraft's approach, and landing at night, to a combination of radio methods and landing systems to ensure the aircraft's visibility during the day and night during the landing conditions.

The characteristics of an airport lighting system are composed of four main factors: configuration, color, light intensity and effective range. Configuration refers to the position of each part of the system and the distance between the lights; Color refers to indicating different lighting systems in an airport to transmit instructions or information and improve visibility; The intensity of the light is determined by the amount of illumination produced by the light in the observer's eye. The light signal is too weak for the driver to see it, while the light signal is too strong for the driver to see it, so the intensity of the intensity of the light should match the situation of the surrounding area. The effective range refers to the various lighting systems in the airport. Due to different functions and guiding modes, different operating distances and lighting angles are required. Different airports, due to the different levels of airports, the number of flights, the quality of meteorological conditions, environmental differences and navigation facilities support conditions, should have certain differences in the lighting configuration. How to save on investment and ensure flight safety, and to coordinate with the many factors of the airport, is something we are learning all the time. Pan American's team is the largest of professionals and you will enjoy working with us.


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