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classic case
Teaching methods, teaching media and actually entirely Schoolday activities have developed strongly in the last few decades. The light is also updated at a very high time. The positive effects on concentration, well-being, and security capacity on the right have been validated in previous studies over the past few years.

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs are mercury-free and 100% recyclable -- making them the most environmentally friendly lighting option. Using less energy than any lighting technology on the market, LED lights will dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Given the importance of adequate lighting in educational environments, Pan American products can improve the quality of lighting in schools by incorporating effective lighting systems, while generating higher energy savings.

Pan American provides a variety of optimized lighting for schools and universities by combining high color rendering index (CRI), reduced glare and low energy consumption. Pan American's fixture not only provides efficiency, but also helps set the stage for a conducive learning environment. Our lighting fixtures are providing full spectrum, flicker-free lighting in the classroom. The installation of Pan American lighting fixtures will improve lighting in the school.

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