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Light Up My City With Pan American

Writer:Jane Time:2020-07-09 Browse:86

At zero o 'clock on April 8th, the control of the passage from Wuhan to Hubei was lifted, and the bell of Jianghan Pass Building sounded. After 77 days of perseverance, the heroic Wuhan is restarting! We light up wuhan together, long time no see, finally wait for you!

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Light up my city, Thanksgiving for a better life! There is light, there is love, there is hope, and Pan Am together to light up more cities, open more beautiful! Lighting not only the streets, but also warm the hearts of everyone in the city. Light up a light, warm a city!
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When the street and alley smoke more intense, when the neighborhood familiar greetings in the ear, when the lovely face back to him, suddenly found that the deep soft part of the heart is awakened. Those who take for granted in daily life, at this moment seem so precious.
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When the spring rays spread all over every corner of the Chinese mountains and rivers, when the energy of one city after another is filled, we see that bright and familiar hometown again. Light up a beam of light, warm a city, transmit light and beauty, continue love and hope.


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