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The Strip Lights Minimize Your Cost

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customer case

End Customer:Riyadh Airport

Application: Riyadh Airport

Fixture: Strip Light Series

Project Details

  Riyadh Airport is the primary international airport serving Saudi Arabia. It is one of the busiest international airports in the world. In 2015, Riyadh Airport handled over 30 million passengers.

Customer challenge

     Riyadh Airport used fluorescent lighting fixtures to illuminate the aircraft escalator. Riyadh Airport wanted an LED lighting solution that offered high-performance and reliable fixture to replace the traditional lighting, while minimizing dim feeling.

The Right Solution

  The Strip Lighting successfully replaces the traditional lighting, making people comfortable to enjoy the ray of the light. Our fixtures offer customers 20% in additional energy savings, resulting in a quick return on investment.


v  About 20% reduction in energy consumed

v  Projected annual energy savings: more than $20,000


      Riyadh Airport is really content with our service and our products. The quality of the strip light has been deeply recognized by our customers.


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