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Korean Ginseng Indoor Planting Project --T8 Integrated Light T8 LED Aluminum T8 Glass

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customer case

Location: South Korea

Client Type: Indoor greenhouse plant lamp planting
Project scale: greenhouse planting area: 1200m²
Project implementation scheme: T8 integrated lamp tube, layer frame structure light supplement

Why do customers choose us
LED can be used in all four seasons without heating. Compared with traditional lamps, it has better effect and wider application conditions. Pan-branch has a professional LED plant growth laboratory, which has a special growth experiment of grass plants spectral ratio research, professional research data support, product quality and filling light effect is guaranteed;
customer case
Why recommend this lamp

LED cold light source is more suitable for indoor planting layer frame structure is used, the plants of the division to provide lighting light source has a precise formula, tailored for the project, for the growth of ginseng has created good lighting conditions suitable light and suitable light cycle adjustment, shorten the growth cycle, and also make the ginseng has better nutrient accumulation, improve the yield and quality.

customer case

T8 integrated lamp tube
It is suitable for planting leafy vegetables, flowers, fruits and vegetables, medicinal materials, etc.
customer case


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