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LED Projection Lamp Is Broken Does Not Flash The Solution

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-07 Browse:165

LED projection light is also called spotlight, projection light, projection light and so on. Its decorative components are heavy, and its appearance is round and square. Because it generally has to consider the reasons for heat dissipation, so its appearance is different from the traditional projection light. It is mainly used in single buildings, exterior lighting of historical buildings, lighting inside and outside the building, indoor partial lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment places atmosphere lighting. Projection lamps are so popular because they have four advantages.

LED project-light lamp advantage one: illuminate Angle adjustment, LED project-light lamp is actually a spot, so the irradiation Angle can be adjusted, so its use more flexible, and general project-light lamp can have Angle adjustment scale plate, this can be adjusted according to the index plate marked more accurately.

LED project-light lamp 2: the advantages of wide scope of application, LED project-light lamp size relative to the other lighting lamps and lanterns is very small, and thus can meet the needs of a wider range of installation site, and in the process of use is not easy to damaged problems, also won't because time is too long and fever, nature of its service life is long.

Three advantages of LED projection lamps: Without controller, relative to the other lighting lamps and lanterns, LED project-light lamp when use can controller, and can also be implemented in the process of using a variety of special irradiation effects, such as the gradient lights, light color changing, jump, lights flashing lights, it is generally out of reach for the lamps and lanterns of high dynamic lighting decorative effect.

The advantages of LED projection lamps four: Lighting effect is good, because it is actually a spotlight, and has the function of spotlights so LED project-light lamp lighting effect is very good, the color of light very mingyan, and color purity is very high, although the LED project-light lamp light color is gorgeous, but it's not dazzling light, the opposite is also very soft, It is very suitable for local lighting decoration at home. In addition, LED projector lamp is a very energy saving lighting fixture. In the process of use, it saves electricity very much because its power is not high.

If you want to know how to deal with a broken LED projector, you should first understand the basic structure of the projector,

As mentioned above, due to the different heat dissipation and application environment, there are some differences in the appearance of LED projector lamps. In fact, the principle is roughly the same. LED projection lamp is mainly composed of LED light source (also known as LED lamp bead),LED power supply (also known as LED driver, transformer), shell, waterproof gasket and waterproof glue. LED light source, drive quality is good, waterproof do good, shell material is thick enough (can meet the light source, power supply work generated heat emission), the projection lamp basically will not have a problem. So, if the LED projector lamp is broken, the point is not bright, flickering, sometimes bright, little bright what to do? Today I will tell you how to repair and replace it.

The LED projector lamp is broken, mainly because of the light source and the driver, mainly because the light source and power supply are not good. If there is a tool that can detect which one is broken, here is the general reason why the LED projector does not light up:

1. The power supply is broken and no power: most of the projector lamps are broken and the power supply provides stable working voltage for the light source.

2. The light is broken, not bright lights: look at the lights, the sealant location have black spots, the spots are caused by two reasons, use for a long time, the lamp bead temperature through high temperature glue and phosphor powder form, there is another reason is the high current power supply (this is the power supply is not stable, it is possible that the poor quality of the light source), the lamp bead itself causes such as open circuit or necrosis.

3. The wire solder joint is falsely welded, resulting in no power supply: the lamp inside the integrated lamp beads are connected to two wires, whether the lamp beads are welded, false welding, cold welding, whether the power input line has a connection point loose, open circuit, etc., check whether the driving wire is damaged.


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