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The Invention And Application Of LED Grow Light -- DIY Introduction To Organic Vegetable Planting

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Due to the uncertainty of environmental changes, it is more and more difficult to grow organic vegetables in accordance with the climate, and the organic vegetable house is added to the original 365 lines. In fact, it is not difficult to grow organic vegetables, but the space in the urban jungle is too narrow, and there is no space for organic vegetable planting. Ever is suitable for summer vegetables grown without full sun city space, now it is difficult to have enough sunshine can vegetable planting, make organic vegetables shop in recent years and more and more organic vegetable farm plants plant more and more organic vegetables is not lower price, the reason is really organic vegetables certification, environmental cost, Really can achieve organic vegetable cultivation and to the certification of the factory, is absolutely need to spend a lot of money to build a clean room level of the factory, so that the laborious crops by external environmental pollution and the work completed.

LED grow light invention and application, organic vegetable planting DIY introduction
Have vegetable planting season vegetables in Taiwan are originally schedule to follow, but today's climate change makes a heart family vegetable lovers, have to use artificial light to supplement the shortage of the outdoor sunshine, the light source is the effect of halogen lamp to completely, but the effect of this kind of light may bring more heat than he, Therefore, the use of this light source has been very few.
industry news
The invention and application of LED grow light
The use of LED grow light is different from the general LED energy saving lighting goods in that the LED energy saving lighting is a biological lighting function. If there is no special need, it is generally only used as the lighting demand and beautiful part to do. General bioluminescence requires LM lumens or point-to-point brightness Lux lux or LED color temperature as the basic requirements of bioluminescence, and will emphasize the lamp life, appearance or dimmable LED lights or even recently developed color-changing LED lights.

These requirements such as the application of LED lamp strip LED bulb LED lamp board LED lamps LED tubes and even DIY flashlight LED patio light LED projection light and other requirements are taken for granted, and LED plant growth lamp given by the use of objects are completely different, The functions required to display are completely different from those of the above bioluminaires, and many current LED lamp manufacturers do not seriously understand what has been developed.

What are plant growth lamps used for? Only geared to the LED energy-saving lighting product concept is used for plant growth LED lighting lamps and lanterns, but both indoor gardening planting LED plant growth light box designed for the needs of various plant growth demand for reasons, such as the early stage of the plants of plant bud seedling stage does not need special light, and seedling period because of the number of branches and leaves very little, For the light conversion of the absorbable part is not much, at this time for light irradiation demand is to a large number of, such as LED plant growth box lamp version is too high, or the general LED plant growth lamp version is about 30 cm apart from the distance to do irradiation, seedlings are very easy to produce due to lack of sunshine. Therefore, the LED plant growth lamp version of the professional LED plant growth box will generally be made into a highly adjustable function, and the LED plant growth lamps and lanterns are also given different LED lamps and lanterns for the professional performance due to the different needs of users.

At present, general household should belong to LED plant growth bulbs and LED plant growth bulbs are the most common lamps and lanterns. Plant growth bulbs can be generally used in most plants with low illumination distance. Of course, they also need to be mixed with different plants according to different types of plants. The plant growing lamp is also the same as the above use requirements, depending on the user's planting space and choose the appropriate lamps to use.

As an organic vegetable planting box, we need to consider the problem of light uniformity. After all, the phototropism of plants cannot be changed by other external ways. If the plants in the planting box can grow up in a balanced way, the light uniformity of the planting lamp plate must be taken into account. Synthesizing the needs of the above planting light, many LED plant plant lamp manufacturers have developed LED grow light version LED plant growth clip lamp LED plant growth projection lamp and so on all kinds of LED plant growth lamp, but only a few LED plant growth lamp manufacturers released by the use of plant growth lamp wavelength, What's more, many manufacturers have not done the actual planting test, and only called the red and blue mixed light lamps as plant growth lamps, it is more difficult to be entrusted with the basic responsibility of teaching and sharing vegetable growing methods.

Organic vegetable growing DIY
Organic vegetables planting DIY actually need to do a little understanding, to select the evaluation can be early planting environment, consider what you would like to use organic vegetables planting device, the author briefly explain the planting base, reference for the evaluation of environmental considerations need sunshine intensity, sunshine time, and the problem of ventilation and vegetables, were grown equipment need to consider to tillage with water or soil tillage, The planting environment of hydroponics requires water and power sources as well as drainage holes. It is best to have some of the above requirements for soil ploughing, but it does not matter if there is no such requirement when there is real difficulty. However, the planting box requirements for both plants are far different.

Soil tillage planting box should have good ventilation standard general requirements, also needs to have proper drainage at the bottom of the function, this requirement is to avoid when plants due to poor ventilation or drainage plants box there are roots rotted affect the growth of bad environment, soil tillage planting of basal plus the shell as the root of the plant growth growth to support the intermediate value, has the leaf vegetables planted are short intermediate value of vegetables, Soil tillage when the water added due to not completely by the plant roots directly absorbed, the total amount of watering soil tillage when planting will be greater than the amount of water cultivation, and because of indoor planting when the water volatilization is not as fast as outdoor, so the weekly watering period needs to be adjusted according to the condition of the soil.

Water tillage planting box generally due to organic water nutrient solution after irradiation light algae to breed, so generally engage in hydroponic plant enthusiasts tank parts are rarely visible light contact, and theory of water cycle to slow and control flow, water flow is too rapid than when the root absorption, oxygen and water flow too slow when the water drive is not enough, Both excessive and insufficient will directly affect the effect of plant growth, water nutrient solution for each have regional convenience considerations, in this not do accounts shall depend on planting is given priority to, convenient take lovers of light associated with plant life long there is no direct relationship between the intermediate value, regardless of hydroponic plant or soil tillage planting seeds sprouting is no need to light, When the bud grows to the second or third leaf, it is given plenty of light for the light conversion needs during its maturity.

Turn on the light irradiation time point in this period also for seed buried depth, too high or too low and shoots problem high roots, stems, and therefore the open 2-3 leaves will be subject to the actual situation appropriate adjustments, the turn on time point light source, the author proposed system to open when the original light, not completely closed when matt, this is the result of the original plants grow dark the growth of the space environment is not urgent, urgent, Now LED plant growth light the artificial light source, does not like outdoor sun slowly bright, dark, conversion for light adaptability proposal shall adopt the light irradiation time way, plant growth and record when the plants grow tip present situation, the appropriate height of plant growth lamp, give the plants should be and the appropriate brightness can do for their photosynthetic efficiency of conversion.


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