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LED Grow Lights Can Not Only Supplement The Light But Also Have These Functions

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LED grow light is a kind of grow light, according to the law of plant growth must need sunlight, and grow light is the use of the principle of sunlight, light instead of sunlight to plant growth and development environment of a lamp. LED grow lights complement the existing greenhouse lighting information system, enabling greenhouse growers to study how to use LED grow lights to increase the yield of cash crops, improve crop quality development and reduce our daily electricity consumption. Because the LED light source saves more power quality and generates less heat than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, the heat dissipation structure eliminates the need to install a fan heat dissipation problem or the need to add a water cooling system, saving the cost of planting for greenhouse growers.

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Greenhouse dedicated
Suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, seedlings and so on

Green leafy vegetables often need to be grown in a relatively cool environment, but they need plenty of light to grow well. Leaf cultivation systems are different, according to the actual culture mode, environmental conditions and differences in species, the spectrum used should be adjusted accordingly, suitable spectral output, and can bring benefits. You can use the same spectrum throughout the cultivation of leafy vegetables. However, if greenhouse growers have a better understanding and grasp of the spectrum, the spectrum is adjusted at different growth stages to improve crop taste and yield.

Tomato is a kind of light-loving plant, the use of LED grow light through the control of light and temperature, can achieve tomato harvest, LED grow light through the self-developed lens light distribution, improve the uniformity of light distribution, improve the consistency of fruit appearance and fruit quality.

Light needs of various plants

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The best sunshine for tomato (12-13 hours) can effectively promote photosynthesis and germination differentiation of the plant, prevent deformed fruit, effectively promote early maturity, early market, and improve profits.

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The best sunshine (8-9 hours) can effectively promote the growth of strawberry, blossom and bear fruit, and the fruit size is even and the color is good. But need intermittent filling light, such as: filling light for 30 minutes, stop for 10 minutes, and then fill 30 minutes, so that the best effect.

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Grape best sunshine :(12-16 hours) show strong plants, dark green leaves, shiny, full germination, fruit color, high yield, good taste.

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Cucumber best sunshine (13-14 hours), promote plant growth, flowering ahead of time, effectively prevent wilt, deformity of fruit, disease and so on, improve yield, shorten the growth cycle, improve economic benefits.

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The best sunshine (11-14 hours) of eggplant can promote plant growth and germination, advance the flowering period, improve the yield, shorten the growth cycle and improve economic benefits.

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The best sunshine of muskmelon (12-15 hours), the performance of the plant robust, dark green leaves, shiny, full germination, fruit color, shorten the growth cycle, high yield, good taste.

Adequate light has become a necessary working condition for crops such as eggplant and cucumber to achieve economic production. The amount of light required by fruits and vegetables is significantly higher than that of leaf vegetables. However, eggplant and cucumber can belong to fruit and vegetable crops with large crown. Besides supplementing light through the top, it is better to combine with inter-plant supplementing light. The top filling light source is installed on the top of the intelligent greenhouse structure, and the inter-plant filling light source is arranged in the middle and upper part of the canopy between two rows of plant tissues.

Then there is the importance of plant filling lights for flowers, flower length, vase age, color and evenness, all of which are influenced by the spectrum and other environmental factors. Optimize these factors to provide the right amount of light for fresh cut flowers and optimize environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. It will improve the overall quality of fresh cut flowers. Helps the fresh cut flower planting, the flower quality is good, the production efficiency is high.
industry news
In addition to the above analysis of several crops, LED grow light in the direction of seedling and potting are also applicable. Plant growth is a very complex biological teaching process. A large number of relevant research results have confirmed that light quality has a significant effect on plant tissue morphology. LED grow lights with good light are particularly important for growers.

LED grow lights are used in plant factories, greenhouses, flower greenhouses, bedroom aquaculture and other places that need to supplement the light.


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