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Why Use LED Grow Lights To Fill Up The Light For Plants?What Are Its Advantages Over High Pressure Sodium Lamps?

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Illumination is one of the important reasons to hinder the healthy growth of indoor plants, especially some plants with high demand for light. At this time, the use of plant lamps to provide plants with the light needed for photosynthesis is an ideal way, but many farmers will doubt a question, is the grow light useful?

There are reasons for the problem. On the one hand, the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp has high power consumption, low lighting efficiency, and relatively short life. LED grow light is a very ideal plant light source, breaking the limitations that many traditional plant lamps can not break, but the price is relatively high.

According to the market research report "Global LED Plant Lighting Market Share, Strategy and Forecast 2015~2021", LED lamps are less costly and more energy-efficient than other comparable products. So LED lighting is being adopted rapidly. Because the LED lighting system can effectively promote plant growth, so the LED plant growth lamp is also widely used in the world.

LED grow light is a kind of artificial light source with LED (light-emitting diode) as the light body to meet the lighting conditions required by plant photosynthesis. According to the type, it belongs to the third generation of plant light filling lamps and lanterns! In the absence of daylight, the lamps act as daylight, allowing plants to grow normally or better. LED grow light has strong roots, promote, adjust the flowering period, color, promote fruit ripening, color, improve the taste and quality of the role!

Compared with the previous high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, LED grow light is more powerful and efficient. LED grow lights save electricity and generate less heat. The less heat allows the plant lamp to get closer to the plant without worrying about the plant being scorched.

LED grow lights enable dramatic "power saving mode", providing unmatched product reliability. LED grow lights are being transformed. They provide the low-power, high-efficiency uniformity and distribution of light at precisely the right wavelengths and color ratios, which are needed for efficient photosynthesis.

Different brands of LED grow lights are different, the main reason is the light formula. Grow light is an artificial light source that can be used for plant growth. The spectrum of the growth lamp is designed according to the growth needs of the plant. The spectral range required for the plant growth lamp is 400nm to 700nm, from blue to red. Gardening lamp plays an important role in the process of plant growth and development. Plant growth is one of the functions of photosynthesis.


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