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What Is The Reason For The Light Flash, Peripheral Light And Weak Light After The LED Explosion Proof Light Is Turned Off

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Some customers after buying our company's LED explosion-proof lights, will reflect that after the LED lights off the switch, there will always be a light will flash, or there will be a weak residual light, it will take a long time to extinguish, even there will be the residual light has been on. Today, let's talk about the reasons why explosion-proof lights can appear:

When the LED explosion-proof light is turned off, the light will flash, even when the switch is connected with the fire wire. The reasons are as follows:

This is because the zero line N level ground, and there is no absolute 0V, that is, there is a neutral point offset, which makes the zero line N on the earth with potential difference, this time the line will form an induced voltage, but also appear after the switch is closed, such as the phenomenon of flashing. At this time as long as the explosion-proof light switch on the zero line and fire line all disconnected can be restored to normal. Or the bulb line directly connected to the ground wire is OK.

Residue is the phenomenon that there will be weak light after the LED is turned off, and it will take a long time to extinguish:

The reasons for this phenomenon is due to the LED lamp is normally not directly by the zero line and the line of fire power supply, will add a little between the two types of dc transformer, when close the switch, will always exist in the transformer circuit, a small residual voltage and the voltage once more than 0.37 V (minimum induced voltage of LED lights), The light will stay on until the residual voltage is less than 0.37V, then it will go out.

Pan American Explosion Proof Light
The explosion-proof lamp has been weak after the switch is turned off. The possible reasons are as follows:
      1.May choose the light itself is with the kind of indicator light, knowledge did not pay attention to it;

2. If it is not the first case, it may be that there is a slight leakage in the line of the LED lamp or a small bulb on the switch;

3. Another possibility is that the switch of the LED explosion-proof light is connected to the zero line. At this time, as long as the switch is changed to control the fire line, it can be done.

Extra knowledge: What are inductive waves:
1. in a closed loop, the magnetic field generated to block the original magnetic flux of the current is called the induced wave;
2. the principle of induced current generation: in the changing magnetic flux of the conductor closed into a loop, then the electromotive force will drive electrons to flow, forming an induced current (induced current 0). Generally speaking, when a part of the conductor of the closed loop is cut in the magnetic field, the total magnetic flux of the closed loop will change. In the closed loop, the induced electromotive force is generated, and the current is generated by the rong. This current becomes the induced current.

After understanding the concept of inductive current, is not the LED explosion-proof lamp will be stuck with the above reasons have a certain understanding: like your magic child electric metal electrical appliances, although and the power supply is insulated, but always feel numb. This is Yining for when you cut off the power supply, there is still a little induction electricity in the circuit of the electrical appliance, the solution to this phenomenon is also very simple, in the LED end parallel a resistor will be the residual electricity exile.


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