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Structural Characteristics Of Flameproof LED Explosion-Proof Light

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-25 Browse:200

This paper briefly introduces the structural characteristics of flameproof LED explosion-proof light, mainly from the following three aspects: the cold hammer radiator of explosion-proof lamp, the electrical chamber of explosion-proof lamp and the wiring chamber of explosion-proof lamp. I hope you have a preliminary understanding of the structural characteristics of explosion-proof LED Light.

Flameproof LED explosion-proof light cold forging radiator: the radiator material is made of 1070 (pure aluminum) aviation aluminum, the heat transfer conductors of cold extrusion molding process are 226-237W/M.K, and the combination is closer after forging and pressing. The thermal conductivity is twice that of conventional die-cast aluminum. The cross section is hollow cylinder, increasing the heat dissipation area. The combination of multiple heat dissipation structures of electrical heat dissipation chamber and radiator of light source chamber.

Flameproof LED explosion-proof light electrical chamber: design to eliminate the heat transfer with the light source chamber, and the use of hollow radiator structure, increase the contact area with the air, the formation of convection, a good solution to the problem of power dissipation, increase the service life of the power source and the light source. 

Flameproof LED explosion-proof light wiring chamber: the patent design of opening the cover and power off makes the installation more convenient and safe. Swing cover terminal post automatically coincident power on, opening cover terminal post automatically separated power off, not like the traditional explosion-proof Light when the cable is installed, or even twisted off resulting in short circuit leakage and other phenomenon.


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