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Life Analysis Of Led Explosion-Proof Light Driving Power Supply

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-25 Browse:194

An important reason for the low life of the driving power of LED explosion-proof lamps is that the life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor required by the driving power is insufficient. The main reason is that the internal ambient temperature of the LED explosion-proof lamps is very high when working for a long time, which leads to the electrolyte of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor being consumed quickly, and the life is greatly shortened. Generally, it can only work for about 5,000 hours.

And the life of LED explosion-proof light source is 50,000 hours, so the working life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor has become the short rib of the life of LED drive power supply.

So how important is the electrolytic capacitor in the LED drive power supply, if the electrolytic capacitor of the LED explosion-proof lamp adopts the Japanese ruby brand, and proves in the fall, the use of high-end electrolytic capacitor, the service life and stability of the LED drive power supply are greatly increased.


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