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Parapet Type And Flange Type Explosion-Proof Lamp Installation Difference

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-08 Browse:169

Many users are easy to get confused when buying guardrail or flanged LED explosion-proof lights. Where is the difference between guardrail and flanged LED explosion-proof lights?
Parapet and flange type are also called platform lamps. In fact, guardrail and flange type are well distinguished. Flanged LED explosion-proof lamp is installed on the ground, with a site seat, fixed on the ground with expansion screws, and its outlet is less than 20 cm from the pole and the ground. Just need a 2.5m flange rod and explosion-proof lights or LED explosion-proof lights, or other lamps. Vice fence installation is installed on the rail or other places can be fixed light pole, do fence type installation accessories to some more, should be dried with 2.5 m parapet, G3/4 tee explosion-proof junction box, U type pipe clamp, G3/4 two explosion-proof union, LED explosion-proof lamps or other explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, these installation accessories also can save cost according to customer requirements, For example, the G3/4 outer explosion-proof live joint can not be matched.
Explosion-proof lighting lamps, whether flange installation or guardrail installation, have a lot of lamps to choose from. Now with the progress of The Times, most of them choose LED explosion-proof lamps. LED has many advantages such as energy saving, maintenance free, long life and so on, which is the mainstream choice.


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