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Led Power Supply Optional Performance Requirements

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-28 Browse:167

LED power supply is now one of the major bottlenecks of LED lights, so refer to the current international power grid requirements, as well as the characteristics of LED power supply requirements, in the purchase of LED power supply must pay attention to the following performance and characteristics.

1, High security, high reliability
As an ENTERPRISE engaged in LED production, this is the basic LED lighting products production ethics. Especially applied to outdoor high LED lights, such as LED street lights, because installed at high altitude, maintenance is very inconvenient, maintenance costs are great, there are many times now to replace a LED power cost is much higher than the COST of LED power itself, so in this respect to save money can be said to be very unwise.

2, High power factor
The problem of power factor is often ignored by consumers because it is only related to the power grid and has nothing to do with our personal electricity bills. But we should be clear that the effects of power factor on grid, simply put, we use the power factor is 0.5 LED lights, we use every once electricity, power consume, especially concentrated in the evening when you use the lamp, the pressure of the power grid will increase a lot, and our LED lights will has serious pollution on the grid. So when choosing LED power supply, also want to have certain requirements for the power factor of LED drive power supply.

3, High efficiency
LED lighting is originally a kind of high efficiency light, must have high efficiency LED drive power to cooperate, otherwise the energy saving effect of LED light is difficult to reflect. This is especially important for the LED power supply installed in the lamps and lanterns. If the efficiency of the LED power supply is high, the heat is small. Otherwise, the heat of the power supply is more than a lot of LED energy-saving lamps.

4, Drive mode
At this stage, there are mainly two kinds of LED power on the market: one is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current sources, that is, we often talk about the LED constant current driver power. Each constant current source feeds each LED separately. This way, the combination is flexible, one LED failure, does not affect the other LED work, but the cost will be slightly higher. There is also a direct constant current power supply, LED series or parallel operation. It has the advantage of low cost, but poor flexibility, one LED bead failure, will affect the operation of other LED. These two LED driver forms, at this stage is still coexisting. But in the choice of LED power supply, it is recommended to multi-channel constant current output power supply mode, in terms of cost and performance will be better. In addition, in fact, constant voltage LED source to LED beads and other aspects of the damage, this will be discussed one by one in the future.

5. Surge protection
LED for surge protection ability is relatively poor, anti - reverse voltage ability is also very poor. Therefore, LED power to strengthen the protection of wave pass, it has become a very important thing. There must be circuit and automatic circuit breaker protection to reduce the impact of lightning strikes and power grid instability on LED lights.

6, To meet the requirements of environmental protection and electromagnetic interference
Basically have CE and ROSH certification. Especially in the hospital and other high emc requirements of the use of places, more attention should be paid to this point.


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