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Why Does The Plant Not Grow Well With LED Grow Lights

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-23 Browse:184

Q: Why does the plant not grow well with LED plant lights?

     A:Light is not the only factor that affects plant growth. There are many other factors besides initial exposure. There are seven main factors:

1. The genetics of the plant itself
2. Temperature of the growing environment (affecting photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration and metabolic processes)
3. Illumination time and intensity (it is the energy source for photosynthesis of plants, and the light compensation point of positive plants is higher than that of negative plants)
4. Humidity of growing environment (relative humidity or saturation difference of air is one of the important factors affecting water absorption and transpiration of plants)
5. Soil quality (absorption of minerals and nutrients)
6. Air (air quality affects or promotes the smooth operation of plant metabolism)
7. Fertilizer (absorption of minerals and nutrients)

Therefore, plant growth is not good, we should take a comprehensive consideration, not just refer to the analysis of a single reason, there are many temporary problems encountered in the process of planting, all need experience and science to judge and make corresponding solutions.

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