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What Factors Determine The Price Difference Of Led Explosion-Proof Lamps

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Q: What factors determine the price difference of LED explosion-proof lamps?

     A: LED explosion-proof lamps use LED low calorific characteristics to achieve explosion-proof, LED light source has a longer service life. The battery keeps constant brightness at the end of full charge and discharge, and a radiator is set on the lamp shell to realize the effective heat dissipation of LED module, to ensure the stability of use, suitable for coal, right, railway, flood control and other industrial lighting. With the continuous expansion of the LED explosion-proof lamp market, more and more manufacturers began to pour in, the price of LED explosion-proof lamp has become more diversified. So what are the factors that determine the price of LED explosion-proof lights? It is mainly composed of two factors, one is the technical reason, the other is the quality reason, then follow me to have a look at it!

1. Technical reasons:
(1) The core technology of LED explosion-proof lamp:
Many technologies of LED explosion-proof lamp industry are in the hands of foreigners. We do not have core technologies in China. Although our manufacturing capacity of LED explosion-proof lamp application products accounts for 50% of the world, it is indeed the lowest part in terms of profit. The cost of LED explosion-proof lamp is mainly on the LED explosion-proof lamp chip. As long as the chip price is reduced, the unit price can be reduced to the equivalent of today's energy-saving lamps.

(2)LED explosion-proof lamp heat dissipation technology:
Although LED calorific value is low, heat dissipation is also very important to achieve a certain light effect and long-term use. Data show that the cooling cost of LED explosion-proof lamp should be kept at 5%. The actual cooling design is very simple, mainly in these two directions: 1) the path of LED explosion-proof lamp chip and external radiator parts is as short as possible, and the shorter the thermal design is, the better; 2) heat dissipation resistance is to have enough heat transfer to the path, and there is enough "heat dissipation path". This part of the cost is mainly in the structure of LED explosion-proof lamp, the structure design accounts for about 20% of the lamp, and the heat dissipation cost is not much. Now the biggest problem is how to make more innovative, more rational structural design.

(3)LED explosion-proof lamp application power technology:
Application of LED explosion-proof lamp Power supply technology is the weak link of LED explosion-proof lamp, which restricts the development of LED explosion-proof lamp. Now the design cost accounts for about 20% of the cost of LED explosion-proof lamps, and some brands of LED explosion-proof lamps are even higher. As technology developed, the cost of power began to come down. LED explosion-proof light source compared with other light sources, in fact, the current cost is not high, especially LED explosion-proof light environmental protection, energy saving, mercury free.

2. Quality reasons:
(1) Brightness
LEDs vary in brightness and price.
(2) Antistatic ability
LED with strong antistatic ability has a long life and therefore a high price. Usually more than 700V antistatic LED can be used for LED lighting.
(3)Light Angle
Different LEDs have different lighting angles. Special luminous Angle, higher price. If full diffuse Angle, the price is higher.
The key to different qualities is longevity, which is determined by light decay. Small light decay, long life, long life, high price.
Consistent wavelength LED, color consistent, the price is high. Manufacturers without LED spectrochromator is difficult to produce pure color products.
(6)Leakage current
LED is a unidirectional conductive emitting body. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage. LED with large leakage current has short life and low price.
(7)LED chip
LED light for the chip, different chip, the price is very different. Chips from Japan and the United States are more expensive, and LED chips from Taiwan and Chinese manufacturers are cheaper than those from Japan and the United States.
(8)Chip size
The size of the chip is expressed by the side length, and the quality of the LED of the large chip is better than that of the small chip. The price is proportional to the size of the chip.
The colloid of ordinary LED is generally epoxy resin, and the LED with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant is more expensive. High-quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti-ultraviolet and fire resistant.


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