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What Are The Typical Types Of Led Modules On The Market

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-30 Browse:153

Q: What are the typical types of LED modules on the market?

     A: LED modules can take the following forms:
1. Prefabricated on-board chips that can be used for specific purposes after the heat sink and installation conditions are designed by the lamp manufacturer.
2. On-board chip with optical lens or diffuser as a prefab with or without an integrated radiator. Luminaire manufacturers can integrate it into lamps.
3. Modify the lamps to replace the old halogen technology. Equipped with integrated radiator and standard lamp holder, it can be installed directly into lamps with standard lamp holder.
4. Prefabricated illuminator with integrated LED light source and radiator with sealed illuminator housing. The driver can be integrated in the housing or can be driven remotely.


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