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Lighting Sample Case

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customer case

Case details

customer case

Before modification

customer case

After transforming

Before modification tubes are used by several indoor fluorescent lamp bracket, installation position is not reasonable and the serious shortage of quantity, cause indoor illumination, color rendering index, color temperature, uniformity and other parameters do not meet national standards, and indoor glare, blu-ray and stroboscopic damage is serious, the desk surface and blackboard panel illumination dim, the serious influence students' vision. In this scenario for a long time to read and study, easy to lead to students myopia. After the selection and renovation of classroom lamps and lanterns designed by Pan American Professional, it not only meets the illumination and uniformity requirements stipulated in the standard, but also solves the problems of stroboscope and comfort level from the perspective of health care, so as to protect the visual health of teachers and students in an all-round way. Attached is the conformance report (see below) entrusted by the national quality inspection accreditation institution for the renovation project.

Reference standard:
GB/T 5699 Daylighting measurement method
GB/T5700 method of measurement for illumination
GB/T 9468 general requirements for photometric measurement of luminaires' distribution
GB 7793-2010 Hygienic standard for lighting and lighting in classrooms of primary and secondary schools
CQC 3155-2016 Technical specification for energy efficiency certification of lighting products for primary, secondary and kindergarten classrooms
GB 50034 design standard for building lighting
JGJ/T 119 Terminology standard for lighting in buildings
GB 50099 Code for design of primary and secondary schools
Assessment of blue light hazards in light sources and luminaires using IEC 62471
GB/T 20145-2006/CIE SOO9/2002 Light biosafety of lamps and lamp systems
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GB 7000.202 Luminaires -- Part 2-2: Particular requirements -- Recessed luminaires
GB/T 31897.1 Performance of luminaires -- Part 1: General requirements
GB 19510.1 Control devices for lamps -- Part 1: General and safety requirements
GB 19510.14 Control devices for lamps -- Part 14: Particular requirements for DC or AC electronic controls for LED modules
GB/T 13379 Principles of Visual Ergonomics Indoor workplace lighting
EMC Limits Harmonic current emission limits (output current per phase of equipment is greater than 16A)
GB 17743-2007 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
GB/T 18595 -- Electromagnetic compatibility immunity requirements for general lighting equipment


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