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Why Is There a Price Difference Between Led Projector Manufacturers?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-07 Browse:196

The same LED projector lamp manufacturers why the price difference is so big? With the rapid economic growth and the vigorous promotion of energy-saving policies, China has become a global LED lighting market with greater growth potential. It is expected that the market will enter a period of rapid growth in the next few years. But the LED lighting market is a bit chaotic, the same power of LED projector lamp manufacturers, the price will be very different, what is the reason?

One, the chip is different: LED chip is a luminous body, different LED chip, the price will be very different. Import LED chips will be more expensive, like the United States, Germany, the price is higher than the LED chips in Taiwan and mainland, because the LED lamps and lanterns price a little high, USES the cheap LED chips, LED chips are easy to burn out, and rough bad, life is short, fast replacement frequency, that not only haven't been able to save the cost, which increases the cost. In order to ensure the brightness and service life of the high-power LED projection lamp, Prius LED projection lamp manufacturer adopts the imported Prius light source, which has the advantages of soft light, higher brightness and small light decline. Life up to more than 50,000 hours.

Two, the difference of the power supply: Many low-end market now high power LED lamps and lanterns, wall lamp is used the cheap LED power supply, with less than a few months a few days time, even in the trial will flash frequency, which is with cheap driving power, the use of the cheap drive, the voltage is not stable and easy to burn, easy to cause short circuit and an LED chip light failure is serious, but also not waterproof, Therefore, this kind of cheap high-power LED projector lamps will be cheaper.

In order to ensure the whole life of the high-power LED projection lamp, the manufacturer adopts Taiwan Mingwei's sealed waterproof drive, fully sealed waterproof power supply, which can be effectively converted, higher efficiency, longer service life and guaranteed quality stability.

Three, different heat dissipation: different heat dissipation materials also affect the price of high-power LED projector lamps. Cheap-power LED projector lamps use some impurity aluminum die-casting parts or thin aluminum sheets or even plastic shells. The cost is low, the heat dissipation conditions are very poor, which shortens the service life of LLED lamp beads, and the transportation process is easy to be damaged.

In order to guarantee the heat dissipation effect and the whole lamp life of high-power LED projector lamp, Prius LED projector lamp manufacturer adopts high-quality aluminum shell with industrial level integration of strong convection heat dissipation design, which effectively guarantees the low temperature inside LLED chip and the service life of LED lamps. The thick material shell has good heat dissipation performance, which perfectly solves the heat dissipation problem of lamps.

Four, waterproof: different waterproof plug prices are different, some manufacturers will use a small amount of inferior silica gel sealing, and there is no apron waterproof protection, rough process and easy to water, so that LED lamps do not get a good protection, such LED lamps and lanterns prices are low.

LED projector lamp manufacturer's waterproof effect is excellent, using electroplated stainless steel waterproof protection plug, conventional specifications, easy installation and maintenance, two layers of precision silica gel pad waterproof protection, solid epoxy resin encapsulation, multiple waterproof measures, strict process to ensure that the back cover does not water, waterproof effect is good. According to the customer's effective response, the water inlet rate of our LED lamps is 1/1000.


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