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How To Deal With The Failure Of LED Solar Garden Light?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-07 Browse:72

If the LED solar courtyard light does not light up, it may be that there is a failure of the components. Here are the solutions to this problem:

1. First check whether the wiring terminals of the lamps and lanterns are loose.
2. Remove the LED light source and connect it to the battery or DC12V power supply to see whether the light works normally. Pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes.
3. Measure the power supply of the battery. If it is lower than 11V, it means that the controller is in protective state and the lamp is fully charged before use. If it is higher than 11V, it indicates that the controller fails and the controller needs to be replaced.

If there is a LED solar garden light working time is short may fail components: solar controller, solar panel.
1. the solar controller setting is wrong, please professional knowledge to reset.
2.there is dust on the solar panel, clean the dust, so that it provides power generation efficiency.
3. rainy weather for more than 3 days, such as the weather can be returned to normal after clear.

If LED solar courtyard light brightness is not enough may be faulty parts: lampshade, LED lamp
1. Clean the lampshade and make it clean.
2.clean the dirt of the contact part between the positive pole of the light source and the spring piece, so that it can conduct smoothly.
3. LED solar garden light if there are other faults need to ask professionals to check and repair!

Matters needing attention
1.whether the solar controller water into the area
2.the panel whether there is current
3.whether the battery voltage is higher than 10.8V.

Solar LED street light in real life may appear in the problem and the state will be different, the above is common, common situation, if there are other faults, you can find a professional to repair.


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