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Precautions For Installation Of Led Outdoor Lamps

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-07 Browse:179

The application of floodlight lighting is basically in the outdoors. As for the installation of outdoor LED lighting lamps, Pan American has summarized the following points based on several years of experience.

1. Circuit protection problem
Due to the complex working environment, LED outdoor lighting is affected by natural conditions such as temperature, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, rain, dust, chemical gases and so on. At present, LED packaging materials mainly use epoxy resin and silica gel as packaging materials. The difference between the two is that the epoxy resin packaging has poor temperature resistance and easy aging time. Silica gel packaging has good temperature resistance, so attention should be paid to the selection when using.

2.LED lamp heat dissipation problem
LED lamp is one of the key components of LED lamps, its shape, volume, heat dissipation area and so on should be designed into a beneficial, small volume, high working temperature LED lamp, affect the efficiency and life of LED lamp. Then the consumption of materials increases the cost and weight of the product, thus reducing the competitiveness of the product. So it is very important to choose the right quality LED lamp. Consider factors such as luminous efficiency, service life and working environment. In addition, the correct installation method is also a key factor affecting the life of the bulb, it is worth noting.

3. Fixation problem of lamps and lanterns
LED lamp because of outdoor, will experience wind and rain, so how to fix is very important.

If the 3M glue is fixed for a long time, it will cause the decrease of the viscosity of 3M resulting in the fall off of the LED lamp belt. Therefore, the outdoor installation is often fixed by the card slot.

Where you need to shear and connect, the method is the same as indoor installation, but you need to additionally equip waterproof glue to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point. Then use a special fixed clip, fixed, can be punched with an electric hammer, with plastic expansion pipe and screw fixed clip.

In short, the installation of outdoor LED lights should pay attention to the implementation, and ensure safety and durability.


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