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Grow Light To The Development Of The Flower Greenhouse Escort

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Because of the improvement of living standard, people no longer only ask for good food and drink, but also ask for the pursuit of life and spiritual enjoyment. Eat green and healthy food, drink pure and unpolluted water, and enjoy the fresh and natural air. Then you should also enjoy the colorful flowers and vibrant green plants. So now greenhouse planting is more and more popular, vegetable greenhouses, fruit greenhouses and flower greenhouses, people can eat fresh vegetables and fruits at any time, but also let people enjoy the beautiful flowers at any time.

At present, the annual consumption of flowers in the world has reached more than 100 billion US dollars, and it is increasing by 10% every year. At the same time, some major flower producing countries and regions, constrained by "high cost, aging" and other factors, are gradually transferring the flower industry, which has provided a broad space for the development of China's flower products export. So greenhouse planting flowers has broad prospects for development. Greenhouse flowers can not only have a broad sales space in the domestic market, but also can be exported to foreign countries.

Greenhouse planting flowers first need to pay attention to the selection of species, different kinds of flowers on the growth conditions of the requirements are different, in the market demand and their preferences, choose the right variety is the premise of a good greenhouse. However, for large-scale planting, soil is an important condition for the healthy growth of flowers. Again, water and fertilizer are the areas that need to pay attention to, as well as seedling management, flowering control, pruning branches and leaves, etc. If you want to keep each flower well, there are many things that need to be paid attention to. In the greenhouse to grow flowers, in addition to the above points, we also need to pay attention to the impact of light on flowers.

Plants need energy for their growth from photosynthesis, and photosynthesis depends on sunlight. So flowers can't grow healthily if they don't get enough light. When it's cloudy and rainy or there's no sunlight in the haze, we can make use of the plant filling light lamp to artificially fill the light for flowers.

According to the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, plant light supplement lamp is a kind of lamp that uses light instead of sunlight to supplement light for plants. Whether it is vegetable greenhouses, fruit greenhouses or flower greenhouses, or plant factories or family planting, the plant light supplement lamp can be used to supplement the light for plants when the light is not enough.

When planting flowers in greenhouses, thermal insulation covering materials are sometimes added to the exterior of greenhouses due to the demand for thermal insulation. Therefore, the illumination time inside the greenhouses will be shorter than the outdoor temperature. In addition, the illumination intensity will be weakened and the illumination will be uneven due to the shielding of greenhouses. So in order for the flowers to grow healthily and receive sufficient light, we need to add plant supplementary light lamps to them. It can not only fill the light, but also control the flowering period and increase the bright degree of color.


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