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Grow Lights Make Your Watermelons Sweeter

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The air in summer is sticky and hot and boring, hot sunshine, disturbing cicadas, people want to do the thing in summer is to stay in the air-conditioned house, plus half a watermelon can be perfect.

Watermelon can be called the "king of summer", with the effect of quenching heat and thirst, and not only the melon meat can be eaten, watermelon seeds and watermelon rind also contain a variety of nutrients, can be eaten. But watermelon has a lot of sugar and is cool, so people with bad stomach and diabetes should eat less.

Watermelon is a short - day plant and one of the plants that need the most light. Make sure you get plenty of light as the watermelon grows. When the light is sufficient, watermelon plants will grow stronger, stem thick, short internodes, thick leaves, dark green leaves, plant resistance to disease and stress increased. And if not enough light will make the plant long, weak stems and leaves large color light and thin.

Illumination has a great influence on each growth period of watermelon. In the seedling raising period, if there is insufficient illumination, the seedlings will grow unefficiently and the root system will be thin and weak, which will lead to slow seedling growth after planting and susceptibility to diseases. Fruiting period lack of light, it is difficult to complete the role of pollination and fertilization, often appear "melons". Lack of light during the ripening period of fruit would delay the ripening period, reduce sugar content and quality.

When people buy watermelon, the first condition they choose is its sweetness, and one of the important conditions that affects its sweetness is light. All kinds of sugars in watermelon are formed by photosynthesis, which depends on light, so to ensure the sweetness of watermelon, we need to ensure the intensity and duration of light.

Watermelons eaten in winter are all grown in greenhouses, and if watermelons planted in greenhouses want to ensure adequate illumination, plant supplementary light lamps should be added. The illumination in winter is much weaker than that in summer. In addition, the haze weather and the shielding of greenhouse materials will seriously reduce the transmission of illumination in the greenhouse. According to the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis, grow light is a kind of lamp that can use light source instead of sun to supplement light for plants.

LED grow light is a kind of artificial light source which takes LED as the light emitting body and meets the illumination conditions required by plant photosynthesis. The use of LED grow lights can not only meet the needs of plant growth for light, but also make crops early to market, increase production and increase taste.


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