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The Key To Growing Good Pumpkins--Grow Light

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Pan American Grow Light

Pumpkin is warm and sweet. It can play a role in detoxification, digestion and elimination of carcinogens. It is one of the most common coarse grains to eat. Pumpkin ripe, golden pumpkin, sweet waxy waxy, delicious and healthy. Pumpkin can be eaten in a variety of ways, such as peeling and steaming, adding egg and flour to make pumpkin cakes, making dumplings, steamed buns and so on.

Pumpkin is a kind of short - day vegetable, but it requires high light intensity. Flowering period in May to July, fruit period in July to September, completely mature around the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you plant pumpkins in season, you don't have to worry about light in the summer, but if you plant pumpkins out of season in a greenhouse, you have to worry about light levels.

In the greenhouse, due to the shielding of the greenhouse film, thermal insulation equipment and the greenhouse building, the light transmission will be reduced and the light distribution will be uneven. In addition, due to the influence of the reduced light and haze weather in winter, the light in the greenhouse will be seriously insufficient. In the light intensity is weak, will make the pumpkin growth thin, easy to grow, and cause melons. Therefore, when planting in the greenhouse, we should pay attention to the light filling. We can choose to use the grow light specially developed for the light filling of plants.


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