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Is It Necessary To Use a Grow Light For The Cultivation Of Fungi

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-15 Browse:178

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Fungi are a very large family. There are many kinds of edible fungus plants, which taste delicious and have high nutritional value. Many fungi also have certain medicinal value.

When the market demand is large, there will be more growers. In the process of planting, many people think that fungus plants belong to plants that do not need light. Can fungus plants grow in a completely light-free environment? Take Flammulina mushroom as an example.

Needle mushroom consists of mycelia and fruit body, in a completely dark environment also can grow, but fruit body in complete darkness, cap growth will slow and small, easy to grow in deformity mushroom, and the strong light can also growth inhibition effect of stipe, so astigmatism or weak is the best environment needle mushroom growth. The growth of lentinus edodes also needs a weak light environment. If there is no light at all, it will not be able to form a fruiting body. In a dark environment, the growth of lentinus edodes will show a tendency of small cap, long stalk, light color, inferior quality and even barren growth.

Therefore, in order to make the Flammulina mushroom or fungus grow well and ensure the quality and quality, the light of the growing environment should also be guaranteed. Edible fungus plants can be planted in the basement or inside the house where there is no light at all. In order to ensure the growth of fungus with light, LED grow light supplement lamp can be used to supplement light, which can not only save space, but also replace sunlight to supplement light for fungus plants. In addition, spectrum and light intensity can be customized according to requirements.


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