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Grow Lights Are Also Good For Figs

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-15 Browse:159

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Fig is a flowering plant of the genus Ficus in the Moraceae. It can be eaten fresh, used as medicine, and made into dried fruit, jam, fruit wine, fruit tea and so on. Fig has a very high nutritional value, it contains malic acid, citric acid, lipase, protease, hydrolase and other nutrients, the human body has anti-inflammatory swelling, promote digestion, moisten bowel and other functions, after research also has the role of cancer prevention. Figs also provide more dietary fiber than any other fresh or dried fruit, about 5-6 grams per 3 figs. This fiber helps prevent the development of type 2 diabetes by slowing the digestion and absorption of sugar from foods. But when eating figs should pay attention to, not with polysaccharide, acid, cold food together to eat, allergy and gastrointestinal bad people also want to fast.

Figs or one of the world's fastest production of fruit trees, and high yield, no big and small years, fewer pests and diseases, cultivation and management is easy. The FIG tree is graceful and luxuriant, and is of high ornamental value whether it is planted at home or planted in parks. Also, FIG trees are easy to manage and have fewer pests so they don't need to be sprayed with pesticides, making them a natural, pollut-free tree. It not only has a high nutritional value, but also has a high cultivation value, it is one of the highest profit margin of potted fruit trees.

Figs are a kind of temperature-loving, light-loving, fertilizer loving, not cold resistant, not waterlogging resistant, but drought resistant plants. Therefore, when planting in the north, we should ensure the requirements of temperature, fertilizer and light. When greenhouse planting encounters insufficient light, we can use the plant light filling lamp to fill the light for the plant. LED supplementary light lamp can replace the sunlight to supplement the light for plants when the light is insufficient, to meet the need of light for photosynthesis of plants. Whether it is family planting or greenhouse planting of figs, when the light is not satisfied, LED supplementary light lamp can be used.


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