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Definition And Application Of LED Grow Light

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-15 Browse:137

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LED can emit plant physiological effective radiation in the range of 300~800nm narrow spectrum monochromatic light, light quality is rich, light source spectrum can be combined modulation, light environment intelligent control, LED light source has environmental protection, energy saving, small size, cold light source, low voltage, direct current and other advantages, the industry known as the ideal light source of facility agriculture.

LED grow light belongs to the category of agricultural semiconductor lighting. It can be understood that it uses semiconductor electric light source and its intelligent control equipment to create an appropriate light environment or make up for the lack of natural light and regulate the growth of plants according to the light environment demand law and production target requirements of plant growth. An agricultural engineering measure to achieve the production goal of "high quality, high yield, stable yield, higher education, ecology and safety".

LED lighting can be widely used in plant tissue culture, leaf vegetable production, greenhouse light supplement, plant factory, seedling factory, medicinal plant cultivation, edible fungus factory, algae culture, plant protection, space fruits and vegetables, flowers, mosquitoes and other fields, The fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal materials and other plants planted can meet the needs of military border posts, alpine regions, areas with lack of water and electricity resources, home office gardening, Marine space personnel, special patients and other regions or populations.


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