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How To Choose The Plant Filling Light For The Vegetable Shelf Planting?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-15 Browse:103

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Nowadays, people are paying attention to green, environmental protection and healthy life. Many people will plant a piece of vegetable in their own homes. For short vegetables, such as lettuce, Shanghai green, etc., can be grown on the shelf, whether the family or the grower, for small vegetables can be grown on the shelf.

Growing vegetables on the planting shelf has many advantages, such as convenience and less space, but it also has disadvantages. Due to the problem of space, the illumination rate is reduced, which makes the sunlight absorbed by the plants insufficient, not enough to maintain the illumination required for photosynthesis.

In the case of insufficient light, we can use the plant fill light to fill the plant. As a cold light source, the LED plant supplement lamp has less heat and can contact the plants at close distance. There is no need to worry about burning the plants. It is installed on the planting rack and irradiates the plants at close distance, which has a good effect on the seedling and growth of the plants.


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