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Modes And Types Of Industrial Lighting

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The lighting mode can be divided into: general lighting, division of general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting. The principles of application shall comply with the following provisions:

1.When not suitable for installation of local lighting or the use of mixed lighting is unreasonable, general lighting should be used;

2.When a working area needs to be higher than the illumination of general lighting, can use zone-general lighting;

3.For the illumination requirements are high, the working position density is not large, and a separate installation of general lighting is not reasonable place, it is appropriate to use mixed lighting;

4.In a workplace should not only be equipped with local lighting.

Types can be divided into: normal lighting, emergency lighting, duty lighting, guard lighting and obstacle lighting. Among them, emergency lighting includes spare lighting, safety lighting and evacuation lighting, and its application principles shall conform to the following provisions:

1. When normal lighting is extinguished due to failure, spare lighting shall be installed in places that need to ensure normal work or activities to continue;

2. When the normal lighting is extinguished due to failure, safety lighting should be installed in places that need to ensure the safety of people in danger;

3. When the normal lighting is extinguished due to failure, evacuation lighting should be installed for the exits and passages that need to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel;

4. On duty lighting should use part of normal lighting that can be controlled separately or part or all of emergency lighting;

5. Guard lighting shall be installed within the guard area as required;

6. Obstacle lighting shall be installed in strict compliance with the relevant regulations of the aviation or transportation authorities in the locality.


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