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Notes For Overhauling Or Maintaining Explosion-Proof Lights

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-24 Browse:178

The lamp shade of explosion-proof lights should be able to cut off the power automatically before opening. But because the interlocking device is complex, it is not easy to achieve, so most explosion-proof lights are only set in the obvious part of the shell "no live open" and other words warning board. And because of the light bulb surface temperature when the power is also very high, such as immediately open the lamp shade, there is still lit with explosive gas mixture (mainly refers to the flame-proof structure), the danger of using incandescent lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp as light source such as explosion-proof light bulb surface temperature is high, in a short period of time can't rapid cooling, if can quickly open the explosion-proof lights and lanterns should pay special attention to.

When replacing the bulb (tube), the flameproof joint surface of the explosion-proof light should be properly protected and shall not be damaged; The flameproof surface after cleaning should be coated with phosphating paste or 204-1 antirust oil, other paint is strictly prohibited; There shall be no rust layer on the flameproof surface. If there is slight rust, there shall be no pockmarked surface after cleaning. The sealing ring used for dustproof and waterproof must be intact, which is very important for increased safety lamps. If the sealing ring is seriously damaged, it should be replaced with the same specification and the same material, and the whole lamp should be replaced if necessary. Pay attention to whether the lampshade is in good condition during maintenance, and replace it immediately if it is broken.

However, some LED explosion-proof lights using solid-state LED as the light source. As a professional explosion-proof light manufacturer, we do not recommend private maintenance. Please contact the manufacturer for maintenance advice before taking measures!


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