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Three Common Faults Of LED Explosion-Proof Light And Corresponding Solutions

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-24 Browse:166

LED explosion-proof lights dominate the industrial lighting market due to their high brightness, low energy consumption and long service life. In general, LED explosion-proof lights are difficult to have problems. In the problem of LED explosion-proof light, there are no more than three problems: the light is not bright, the light is dim, the light is slightly bright or flashing. Today we'll look at each one one by one.

LED explosion-proof light structure: LED explosion-proof light most of the internal structure is the same, divided into lamp beads and drivers.

1. light beads

Open the shell of the explosion-proof light or the white plastic part of the bulb, you can see inside the aluminum substrate, aluminum substrate lamp beads are LED explosion-proof light emitter, its number determines the power and brightness of the LED explosion-proof light. 

2. Driver (power supply)

LED explosion-proof light power supply is independently installed in the explosion-proof light power supply chamber, the external can not be seen, the power driver has constant current, step-down, rectifier, filtering and other functions.

LED explosion-proof light does not light the solution

When the explosion-proof light is not on, the first thing to do is to ensure that the circuit is normal. If it is a new lamp, use a pen to measure, or install an incandescent lamp to see if there is voltage in the circuit. After verifying that the circuit is working, you can begin the following troubleshooting.

Drive problem

The explosion proof is not bright. This is the problem of the drive. LEDs have high requirements for current and voltage. If the current current or voltage is too high or too low, it will not light properly. Therefore, a constant current driver and a rectifier in the driver, step-down, are required to maintain the device.

If the light beads do not light, the first thing to consider is the problem of the driver. You can now purchase new drives for replacement.

LED explosion-proof light brightness dimming solution

This problem should be solved in conjunction with the previous one. This may be the case if the light is dim or not bright; If the LED explosion-proof light is used for a long time, because of the normal light failure of the light source, the brightness is lower than the new light is a normal phenomenon.

Lamp bead problem

The lamp bead of LED explosion-proof light is divided into a series of strings, the lamp bead on each string is connected in series, and the parallel connection between strings and strings.

Therefore, if the lamp string on the lamp string burned, it will lead to a string of lamp beads are not bright, if each string has a lamp beads burned, it will lead to the whole light is not bright. If one bead per string is burned, consider the capacitance or resistance on the drive.

Burned lamp beads and ordinary lamp beads can be seen from the exterior. There was a black spot in the middle of the burnt lamp which could not be rubbed off. If the number of burned beads is small, the two soldering feet behind the charred beads can be soldered together with a soldering iron. If the number of burned lamp beads is too much, it is recommended to buy lamp beads to replace it, so as not to affect the brightness of the lamp.


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