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Discussion On The String And Parallel Mode Of Led Explosion-Proof Light Beads

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-26 Browse:187

A few friends in the field of industrial lighting, together discuss LED explosion-proof light light bead string and way, everyone's ideas are each are not identical, back home, watching a lot about on professional BBS is first and then string, or list again and, exactly which arrangement is the best, or for the LED explosion-proof luminaire, which is more conducive to the lamps and lanterns.

LED explosion-proof light in general is now with the method of first string and again, that why people will use this way to arrange, the main reason is that first string again simple line, side by side for the LED lamp lights, Vf value requirements is not high, also is the lamp bead quality requirements are not so high, so we change the thinking, lamp bead quality request is not high, What about the quality? First string again and also have a harm, as long as there is a lamp bead necrosis, then the string will not work, because it is a constant current drive power supply, current unchanged over there, under the condition of the lamps bead does not work, the rest of the other lamp bead current get bigger, this will increase the other lamp bead light failure, the temperature will also rise, it will directly affect the quality of the LED lamp.

What about combining first and then string? First and then string for lamp beads VF value requirements are very high, a LED explosion-proof light on the lamp beads VF value requirements protection average, the quality of the lamp bead also requires more strict, as long as it is done LED explosion-proof light all know, VF range is smaller, for the internal chip is very high requirements. If lamp bead quality couldn't keep up with, the first series of way, is can't use, because a light if there is one or a few lights, voltage on the high side, so that a few lights, the current will be larger, working long hours, this a few lights, light failure, the temperature will become large, and is more easy to bad, so first and then string, Be sure to keep the VF values of the beads in the same range.

First and then string of benefits, that is, if a lamp bead necrosis, then only one for the bead is not bright, the rest will still work normally. The driving power supply is a constant current working mode, one lamp bead is not bright, then the current of this lamp bead is added to the rest of the lamp bead, compared to a string of 10 lamp bead current is added to other lamp bead, which is better, I believe we all know.

Finally, whether it is first string and then, or first string and then string, we have to consider whether the lamp beads we use can be applicable, but also consider whether the lamp beads in the case of necrosis is short circuit or open circuit. Low price LED explosion-proof lights are mostly used in ordinary imitation lamp beads, ordinary chips as long as they are fitted, after necrosis is basically open, so as long as it is used in Puri chip, explosion-proof light manufacturers on the quality of the lamp beads higher requirements, or the use of first and then string way better point. Whether manufacturers for itself, or for dealers, users, is a better choice, we cannot guarantee an LED lamp how many years will not damage, then we will consider, how to make the damage still can normal use, for example, a kind of free maintenance of LED explosion-proof light USES 60 lamp bead, with the method of and after the first string, If the user after two or three years of use, only one broken, then the remaining 59 lamp beads will still work normally, so our lamp can be used normally, after a broken lamp beads, for the rest of the lamp beads do not have much impact, indirectly increase the explosion-proof light life.


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