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Led Explosion-Proof Light Installation Method And Process

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LED explosion-proof lights are widely used in petrochemical, workshop and offshore oil platforms and other large range of flammable and explosive places. Next, we introduce the installation method of LED explosion-proof lights, the installation process of LED explosion-proof lights and some precautions.

LED explosion-proof lights are installed in a variety of ways, such as hanger type, wall hanging type, bent rod type, guardrail type, vertical rod type, wall type installation, etc., to meet the lighting needs of different work sites.

LED explosion-proof light installation process (LED explosion-proof light installation method)

1. According to the theoretical lighting needs of the work site, determine the location and way of the LED explosion-proof lights and lanterns, and then prepare the corresponding length of Φ8 ~ 14mm three-core cable according to the interval of the lamps and lanterns to the 220V power supply contact.

2. Remove the side plate marked "open/lock" on the junction box, and take out the device accessories from the packaging box, including sealing ring, gasket and joint (with set screw). For example, LED explosion-proof lights are equipped with top suction device, and there are ceiling type transfer joints (with set screw) and 3/4 inch transfer joints.

LED explosion-proof light wall-mounted installation: first the lamp body through the bracket device on the wall or other support (to ensure that the shade plate is above the bulb), and then the cable through the joint, gasket, sealing ring until the junction box (reserved a certain length of cable wiring), finally screwed joint, tighten the screw;

Tilting boom type installation for LED explosion proof lamps: pass the connector through the cable, pivot-inside the steel tube, tighten the setting screw, then pass the cable through the gasket, seal ring in turn to the junction box (reserve a certain length of cable for easy wiring), then turn the lamp body into the junction, must ensure that the junction box outlet is down. After the line is connected according to the third step, the relative position of the copper joint and steel pipe is adjusted to ensure that the shade plate is above the bulb, and then tighten the screw;

Vertical boom type installation of LED explosion-proof light: first pass the joint through the cable, screwed into the steel pipe, tighten the screws, and then pass the cable through the gasket, sealing ring until the junction box (reserved a certain length of cable easy wiring), and then tighten the lamp body and joint, tighten the screws;

LED explosion-proof light ceiling installation: Transform 3/4 inch joint turning into the ceiling type conversion joint, joint turning into 3/4 inch conversion connector, screw tight set screw respectively, and then through the cable, device on the roof, and finally to through the gasket, sealing ring in turn until the cable terminal box (bento set aside a certain length of cable connection), then tighten the lamp body and joint, screw tight set screw;

3. Connect one end of the three-core cable to the "L", "N" and ground mark in the box, and then press the cable with the cable pressing plate, and fix it with fastening screws, and then install the side plate and tighten the screws.

4. Finally, the other end of the three-core cable is connected to the 220V power supply according to the explosion-proof begged.

5. When changing the bulb, first cut off the power, then remove the setting screw on the shell with an inner hexagon wrench, use a large screwdriver or other tools to auger the lamp cover for 6 turns, and then pay attention to slowly remove the lamp cover with hand, auger the old bulb and then change the new bulb.

Caution: a) It is strictly prohibited to open the lamp with electricity; b) When removing the lamp cover, it is strictly prohibited to operate when the lamp is about to break away from the lamp shell.

LED explosion-proof light installation matters needing attention:

1. When tilting the lamp, the relative position of the joint and steel pipe must be adjusted to ensure that the shade plate is just above the bulb;

2. installation and maintenance of lamps, must first cut off the power supply; 

3. During the working process of the lamp, the surface of the lamp has a certain temperature rise, which is a normal phenomenon. The center temperature of the transparent part is higher and shall not be touched.

4. must use the company's original electric appliances;

5. When replacing the bulb, the same type and power bulb should be used; If the bulb type or power is changed, the corresponding ballast or drive power should be replaced.A


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