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Matters Needing Attention When Choosing Dust Led Explosion-Proof Light

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-28 Browse:144

Not all LED explosion-proof lights can be used in the dust explosion-proof area. There are special requirements in the dust explosion-proof area. Dust explosion has been one of the disastrous accidents that are difficult to prevent and control in the field of industrial production. Like metal processing plant, coal storage shed, flour processing plant, starch processing plant, milk powder processing plant, feed processing plant, paper mill, furniture factory, cotton processing plant, spraying workshop, plastic factory, polishing factory, dye factory, chemical factory and so on are the high occurrence of dust explosion field. Installation of high quality LED explosion-proof lights can effectively avoid the dust explosion accidents, to ensure the personal safety and play an extremely important role in improving environmental quality, dust LED explosion-proof light main role in the provision of lighting at the same time, the dust will not ignite, this will avoid dust accidents, single is explosion-proof lamps and lanterns also not line, Other equipment is also required to explosion-proof, such as wiring and switches, are required to explosion-proof, dust area of the exhaust fan should also choose explosion-proof fan, do not let the dust accumulation phenomenon, reduce ignition source, eliminate carrying source. Dust area according to the lamps and lanterns the best choice of LED explosion-proof light source, explosion-proof grade as high as IIC T6, with dust type explosion-proof certificate, if an LED explosion-proof lights and lanterns even basic explosion-proof certificate is not, dare to say that it is dustproof explosion-proof lamp? Here to remind you that when buying explosion-proof lights, we must look for regular LED explosion-proof lights manufacturers.


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