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New Explosion-Proof Lamps And Lanterns -- Explosion-Proof Flood Light

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Explosion-proof flood light refers to the dangerous place where combustible gas and dust exist, which can prevent the electric arc, spark and high temperature that may be generated inside the lamp from ignite the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the explosion-proof requirements. An floodlight is a point source of light that shines evenly in all directions.

Explosion-proof Floodlight Uses and Precautions for Use:

Explosion-proof luminaire is dangerous sites for combustible gas and dust, can prevent the lamp inside may produce arc, spark and high temperature environment surrounding the ignition of combustible gas and dust, to meet the requirements of explosion-proof omni is a kind of can in all directions even illuminate the point light source, it can adjust the illuminate of scope, Represented in the scene as a regular octahedron icon. Floodlights are the most widely used source of light in rendering. Standard flood lights are used to illuminate the whole scene. 

Precautions for Use of Explosion-proof Flood light:

1. During transportation, the lamps and lanterns shall be installed in the carton equipped with foam shock absorption.

2. installation and maintenance of lamps, must first disconnect the power supply.

3. When using, the surface of the lamp has a certain temperature rise, which is a normal phenomenon; The center temperature of the transparent part is higher and should not be touched. 

4. When replacing the bulb, the same type and power of the bulb should be used; If the bulb type or power is changed, the corresponding ballast should be replaced.


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