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Standard For Inspection Of Explosion-Proof Flashlight

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-08 Browse:173

This paper introduces the inspection standard of explosion-proof flashlight for you, including appearance inspection, shell static pressure test, voltage fluctuation test, dielectric strength test, insulation resistance test and packaging, etc., hoping to let you have more understanding of explosion-proof flashlight.
Item 1: Appearance inspection
1. explosion-proof flashlight shows that flat, no crack, no scratch, lack of material, deformation, paint off and other phenomena, transparent parts transparent effect is good.
2. Test the size of the flameproof surface with digital caliper to see whether it meets the parameter requirements.

Item 2: Shell static pressure test
1. The pressure of the hydraulic press is 1Mpa and the time is 10-12 seconds. The lamps should have no leakage and deformation.

Third item: voltage wave test
1. The power supply voltage is within the range of DC3V-16V, and the lamp can be lit normally.

Item 4: Dielectric strength test
1. between the live parts and the shell of the explosion-proof flashlight, the frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is 2kV, the sharp time is 60S, there is no flashover sign.

Item 5: Insulation resistance test
1. Insulation resistance of live parts to the housing is greater than 4m Ohm.

Item 6: Packaging
1. the packaging is correct, no leakage of explosion-proof flashlight accessories, instructions, quality assurance card, certificate, etc.


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