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Small Explosion-Proof Flashlight Range Can Really Reach 1000 Meters

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-09 Browse:193

Engage in industrial lighting for many years, often encounter some consultation about explosion-proof flashlight, today and everyone to discuss the range of explosion-proof flashlight, users want to range as far as possible, so some businesses will seize this psychological, boasting range.

Strictly speaking, the range of the strong light flashlight is generally measured according to the ANSI standard, but this is a pure theoretical value, but due to the use of the environment (such as rain, fog, dust and other factors or ambient light interference, etc.) factors, the range of the explosion-proof flashlight is not significant.

Most of the users are non-professionals, and there is no professional equipment to test, so the possibility of being misled is great, and eventually bought a serious explosion proof flashlight with false label.

But we can still grasp the explosion-proof flashlight range discrimination from the following two aspects:
1. The actual power: the greater the power, the higher the brightness, the longer the range;
2. Reflective cup: the deeper the reflective cup, the farther the range.

According to our regular explosion-proof flashlight on the market, small explosion-proof flashlight (lamp diameter is basically within 40mm, reflective cup height within 30mm) the actual power of 1-3W, so the range is almost 150 meters or so.

For those who boast 300 meters, 500 meters or more than 1000 meters range of small explosion-proof flashlights, the vast majority are overstated.


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