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What Are The Advantages Of Fireman Explosion-Proof Flashlight

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-09 Browse:169

Although explosion-proof torch among firefighters items is an auxiliary tool but it is the most indispensable, when firefighters in the inferno, heavy smoke, high temperature hot in such an environment of strong light flashlight generally don't work, and even will become hot do not directly touch, or direct damage. The explosion-proof flashlight can work in such an environment, because of its unique design, so that the explosion-proof flashlight can be used in any flammable and explosive environment, and will not produce any electric spark. The more the role of the explosion-proof flashlight can be fully highlighted in the harsh environment, the waterproof and sealing design of the explosion-proof flashlight, the high hardness alloy shell, can work normally in high temperature and water. In the scene of a fire, the explosion-proof flashlight can work properly, providing us with light for our respected firefighters, greatly facilitate the search and rescue work of firefighters in the scene of the fire destroyed power lines.
1. High energy saving
Energy-saving energy without pollution is environmental protection. DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optic power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than the traditional source of energy saving more than 80%.
2. Long life
LED light Some people call it a longevity light, which means a light that never goes out. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, no loose part of the lamp body, there is no filament light easy to burn, thermal deposition, light decay and other shortcomings, the service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source.
3. Variable
The LED light source can make use of the principle of red, green and basket three primary colors. Under the control of computer technology, the three colors have 256 levels of gray and can be mixed arbitrarily to produce 256×256×256=16777216 kinds of colors, forming the combination of different light colors and multi-end, and realizing rich and colorful dynamic change effects and various images.
4. Environmental protection
Better environmental benefit, no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, small glare, and waste can be recycled, no pollution and mercury elements, cold light source, safe to touch, is a typical green lighting source.
5. High-tech
Compared with the traditional monotonous lighting effects, the LED light source is low pressure microelectronics products, successfully combines computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc., so also is the digital information technology products, is a semiconductor photoelectric device "high point" technology, the online programming, unlimited upgrade, the characteristics of flexible.


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