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Six Terms You Need To Know About Leds

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-29 Browse:190

Professional knowledge of LED lamps (engineering parameter symbol)
Led lamp has some professional terms that we want to understand, after understanding, we can choose to good LED lamp

1. Illuminance (E): the number of luminous flux received per unit area, indicating the illuminance of a certain place. 1lux is IIm/m2. Symbol: E.
The market can buy the illuminance meter, the price is not expensive about 120 yuan, test led lamp lamp illuminance is very helpful.

2. Brightness (L): the luminous flux emitted by the unit projection of the light source in a certain direction in the unit solid Angle, which is called the brightness of the light source in a certain direction. Unit: CD /m2(kendra per square meter). Symbol: L.
Light efficiency (n) : the luminous efficiency of the light source, that is, the ratio of the luminous flux (Q) emitted by the light source to the electrical power P consumed by the light source. Unit: lImiw. The greater the value, the better the LED tube. Output power/input power can also be measured.

3. Led tube efficiency: the ratio of the sum of the luminous flux value emitted by the luminaire and the luminous flux measured value emitted by the luminaire measured under specified conditions. It is an important standard to measure the energy utilization of lamps and lanterns.

4. Color temperature (K) : expressed in absolute temperature K(kelvin), refers to the heating of a standard black body, the temperature is raised to a certain degree, the color begins to change from red - light red - orange yellow - white - blue - white - blue, when the light source emits the same color as the radiation of the black body at a certain temperature, The temperature of the "black body" is called the color temperature of the light source. The higher the color temperature, the higher the blue component, conversely, the higher the red component. Unit :K (Kelvin). Symbol: K. Put the LED tube into the integrating ball can be tested. From 2800K - 3000K - 4000K - 6000K - 7000K, the color becomes lighter and lighter, gradually becoming a cool color.

5. Luminous flux: the sum of visible light emitted by the light source, representing the luminous ability of the light source itself. Unit: LM (lumen) You can test that by integrating the sphere.

6. Light intensity (I): the intensity of visible light emitted in a specific direction Angle, representing the distribution of the light source. Unit: CD (Kendra). Symbol :l The spatial distribution of light intensity is usually expressed by light distribution curve, so it is also called light distribution curve.

ES files can be obtained through a dedicated darkroom test.


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