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High Energy Saving And Light Efficiency: How To Achieve High Power Led Lighting Fixtures

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-30 Browse:181

In order to save energy and have high light efficiency, high-power LED lighting fixtures mainly need to overcome the technical problems of heat dissipation of high-power LED lighting fixtures and minimize the attenuation of light.
High power LED lighting lamps and lanterns is LED lamps and lanterns is a direction of the industry's future development, at present because of its high photosynthetic efficiency of low cost and superior lumens maintaining rate become each big manufacturers to develop products, but the high power LED lights for heat dissipation technology demand is higher, the environment temperature reaches a certain limit will soon produce light failure, directly LED to a decline in the LED life, At present, only 1W and 3W high-power LED lamps are used in the market, while 5W and 10W high-power LED lamps are still in the laboratory stage. Only by solving the heat dissipation technology of high power LED lamps, and delaying the light decline of LED lamps to the maximum extent, can the application of high power LED lamps be promoted in a large area.
The emergence of high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns, accelerate the speed of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns to replace traditional lighting source, also makes the inside large applications use LED lighting lamps and lanterns to become reality, as the industry matures, the development of vertical LED lighting lamps and lanterns, high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns on the price and photosynthetic efficiency, still a lot of variations Together with the vigorous guidance of national policies and the positive publicity of public opinion, we have reason to believe that in the next few years, LED lighting lamps and lanterns will certainly fly into ordinary people's homes, just like the current fluorescent lamp.


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