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 Enterprise Idea

Core Values
Integration and innovation, efficient implementation, win-win cooperation
Integrative innovation: continuous learning, active innovation, integration of resources and value creation
Efficient execution: commitment, quick response, simple and efficient, result oriented
Win-win cooperation: sincere and friendly, team first, passion struggle, fairness and justice

Business philosophy

Adhere to integrity and customer value creation
Adhere to the good faith adhere to prudent commitment, once promised, said to achieve customer value creation: reverence the market, pay attention to customer needs, meet customer wishes, continue to improve products and services, provide better value than competitors, to bring more practical benefits to customers.

Management concept
Performance oriented, system win, team win, simple win
Performance-oriented: responsible for the results, with data speak; There is no yesterday, only today and tomorrow.
System wins: knowledge corporatization; Management system; Firmly put an end to privatization of company resources.

Team Winning: Consensus understanding of common goals from different perspectives; Suggest ideas for the achievement of common goals and cooperate with each other.

Corporate Vision:
To be the most respected and best lighting system solution provider; To provide quality products and services to the world.

       Our Mission:
Integrity management, the sea runs into all rivers, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence; To treat customers, we always adhere to the "perfect, fast, win-win"; Treat peers, we always firmly believe that "flowers contend in beauty, a hundred schools of thought contend" in the development of the truth in the competition; To treat employees, we are in line with the concept of happy work, so that all people feel the meticulous care of the company;

        Integrity management, all rivers run into the sea, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence
Integrity management is this, is our mind, people-oriented is our customer service concept, the pursuit of excellence is the quality assurance of our products.

         A hundred flowers in bloom and a hundred schools of thought in contention
Respect each competitor, complement each other and make progress, learn from each other, promote the healthy development of the industry at a higher level, and seek common interests. We always believe that there is no comparison without competition, and there is no progress without comparison.

          Perfect, fast and win-win
We pursue products without defects, the pursuit of perfect service; Realize customer demand, fast docking, and finally achieve win-win cooperation.
          A happy work

Pan American is a member of this big family, every employee is the wealth of the company, we are interdependent, common progress; Our idea is to let all the people who come to Pan American Optoelectronics live happily, work happily and grow happily in this big family.


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