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Top Luminous Led With High Power Led Description

Writer:Jane Time:2021-08-02 Browse:64

1. In order to obtain high power and high brightness LED light source, manufacturers are developing in the direction of high power in LED chip and package description. Currently, LED packages that can accept a few watts of power are presented. For example, the package layout of Norlux series high-power LED is a multi-chip combination with a hexagonal aluminum plate as the base (to make it non-conductive). The base diameter is 31.75mm, and the luminous area is located in the middle part of the base. The diameter is about (0.375× 25.4)mm, which can contain 40 LED tube cores. This kind of package chooses the traditional tube core high density combination package, the luminous power is high, the thermal resistance is low, in the high current has the high light output power, is also a kind of LED solid light source with the development prospect.

It can be seen that the thermal characteristics of power-type LED directly affect the operating temperature, luminous power, luminous wavelength, service life of LED, etc. Therefore, the packaging and production skills of power-type LED chip become more and more important.

2. The top LED is a relatively common patch type LED. It is mainly used as backlight and condition indicator in multi-function ultra-thin cell phones and PDAs.


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