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Find And Determine The Release Source Of Dangerous Gas When Explosion-Proof Lamps Are Used In Dangerous Places

Writer:Jane Time:2021-08-03 Browse:193

Explosive gas environment may be formed only in the presence of flammable gas or vapor in dangerous places. Therefore, it is necessary to first find out whether the storage equipment, processing equipment or transportation pipeline containing combustible substances in the site is likely to release combustible gases or steam into the site, or whether air may enter the container and mix with combustible gases or vapors to form an explosive mixture.

Every piece of equipment (e.g., storage tanks, pipelines, pumps, compressors, etc.) should be considered as a potential source of release if it contains combustible material inside. If they are unlikely to contain combustible material, then obviously no explosive mixture will form around them. Such equipment may not be considered a source of release if it contains combustible substances that are not likely to escape or leak into the site (e.g., jointless pipes located in a space).

If it is confirmed that the equipment will release combustible substances into the site, the frequency and duration of release should be determined and the level of release source should be determined accordingly.


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