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Why Are Plant Lights Red More Than Blue?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-08-04 Browse:174

Plant lighting LED plant lamp design is based on plant needs to match the proportion of beads, plant growth lights using red and blue beads mainly because the most needed light is red and blue light, why LED plant light red more than blue light? Simply put, plants need more red light than blue light to grow.

Plants need more red light than blue light. There must be a reason for everything. Let's analyze it together.

Firstly, in the process of stem growth and development, by comparing the effects of natural light and red light on plant growth, chlorophyll content decreases first and then increases under the irradiation of natural light. Under red light irradiation of LED plant lamp, chlorophyll content is higher than that under natural light, which indicates that red light has an obvious promoting effect on the formation of chlorophyll, and this effect will become more and more obvious with the extension of culture time.

Secondly, under the red light of LED plant light, the growth potential of plants is better. Part of the reason is that the chlorophyll content in plants is higher, photosynthesis is vigorous, and there is more carbohydrate synthesis, which provides sufficient material and energy for the growth of plants.

Thirdly, for example, the soluble sugar content of plants cultured for 7 days was lower than that of the 13th day, and the LED plant growth lamp decreased more under red light than under natural light, and the rooting of plants in red light was also earlier than that in natural light. After 13 days, soluble sugar content in red light was higher than that in natural light, which indicated that chlorophyll content in red light was higher and photosynthesis was more vigorous.

Then, the NR activity in stem segment under red light was significantly greater than that under natural light, indicating that red light could promote the nitrogen metabolism in stem segment.

In addition, LED red light on plant flowering and fruit is a great promotion;

Finally, blue light mainly prevents the growth of plants, promotes the formation of plant dry matter, has an obvious effect on the growth of roots and stems, has a strong effect on the chemical composition of plants, can promote the synthesis and increase of protein and fat, and has an obvious effect on succulent plants.

As can be seen from the above, in plant lighting LED plant lights, red light is more than blue light mainly because plants have different requirements for red and blue light. Red light can promote rooting, chlorophyll formation, carbohydrate accumulation, absorption and utilization of plant stems. In the process of rapid propagation, the use of red LED plant growth lamp to fill the light has obvious effect on promoting the rapid rooting of various plants and improving the quality of seedlings. So when planting plants, choose plant growth lights, according to the needs of plants with a reasonable collocation of red and blue beads, in order to achieve the best filling light effect!


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