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LED Lighting Development

Writer:Jane Time:2019-07-10 Browse:129

Now more and more in the direction of the automatic and intelligent lighting control system, smart home, intelligent hardware in the heat, emerge in endlessly, intelligent products to consumers to describe intelligent life, gradually went into the bedroom lighting in LED lighting bulbs, and the Internet everywhere gave rise to the exchange of anytime and anywhere, interactive characteristic under the influence of age Smart bulbs not only provide the experience of a traditional bulb, but also provide exciting ways to control lighting and even change color and interact with other devices in a more self-conscious and convenient manner.

Smart bulb working principle is to use embedded Internet of core technology, to embed the exchanges the core module in intelligent bulb, core modules through WIFI, BLUETOOTH and other wireless communications, receive all kinds of indoor sensors' information, combined with the timing control, light control, implementation will require the area light effect in time of need precise rendering.

The domestic LED lighting industry has also fluctuated.
For a period of time under the influence of China-United States trade war, brought about a large number of international market exchange rate fluctuations, leading to the impact of the global economic downturn, the export of emergency light guide panel products have also been a lot of impact, the impact of increasing tariffs, brought many European and American market trade enterprises to transfer to Southeast Asia and India and other places.

The so-called house leak rain, domestic macroeconomic growth rate not to exceed expectations , adjustments in the real estate industry and building materials market competitive new fixed order all kinds of marketing channel to break the original market changes in consumer demand, product diversification degree of lighting market impact, and so on, back propagation consumers turn to buy brand products.

Now a lot of light guide board companies vigorously develop intelligent lighting, but ignore the needs of intelligent lighting products users is appropriate, many lighting companies are considering how many functions while ignoring the consumer's function to operate easily, whether the success of the replacement of the current demand is still unknown.

LED lamps and lanterns industry product structure should be subdivided more industry more in need of a variety of products to match different applications, can say some household lighting products in the expansion of the second - and third-tier cities is not complete, and many products are not suitable for second - and third-tier cities market channels, this is the whole category of LED products can greatly the cause of the development and application in the first-tier cities.


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