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How To Maintain Led Plant Lamp? How To Clean Plant Growth Lamp?

Writer:Jane Time:2021-08-04 Browse:168

LED plant light belongs to special lighting lamps and lanterns, not only at the time of use should be used in accordance with the provisions, reasonably, safely, and at the time of maintenance also need special treatment, the traditional plant lights and other lighting lamps and lanterns, rarely involves cleaning and maintenance aspects of things, mainly because of cheaper price, not a long service life.

For LED plant lights, the average life is more than 50000 hours, even if the lights have not been turned off, it will be used for several years, if not good maintenance and cleaning work, on the one hand, it will directly affect the service life of LED plant growth lights, on the other hand, it will directly affect the lumen of plant lights, thus affecting the filling effect of plant lights.

So how to maintain the LED plant lamp? How to clean plant growth lamp?
When first use electrical related products must look at the instruction, ensure the safety of electricity at the same time, also to ensure that the products will not be damaged, general plant lamp manufacturers said mark on the manual of installation information are safe to use, that is, when the normal use of plant lamp will remain in the rated parameters, Relative to the plant growth lamp the maximum use parameter is still reserved.

Take the voltage for example, if the voltage is too low, the brightness is not enough to achieve the ideal filling light effect! Similarly, the voltage is too high to damage the line or lamps.

Therefore, after receiving LED plant lights, before installation, it is necessary to check whether your lamps are in good condition and whether each installation parameter can be consistent with the current facility. It can be used according to the regulations after it is determined.

The price of a plant lamp is not cheap, the service life is also very long, to make the plant growth lamp can be a long time to grow plants and very good effect, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance measures.

Plant growth lamp shell cleaning, can use ordinary clean cloth soaked in water carefully wipe, pay attention to try not to touch the lens, reflective cup and other places, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth, and finally a little protective oil, smear on the surface of the shell.

LED plant lamp lens, reflective cup and transparent shell, can not use cloth to directly wipe the dust above, do not often wipe, it is best to clean with pure cotton cloth, clean before using transparent glue to first stick the dust on the mirror, so as not to leave scratches.


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