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When Explosion-Proof Lamps Are Used In Dangerous Places, It Is Necessary To Determine The Area Type Of Dangerous Places

Writer:Jane Time:2021-08-03 Browse:134

1. Identify the regional scope of dangerous places
There are many factors affecting the area of dangerous places, such as the release rate of combustible gas or steam, the lower limit of gas explosion, relative density, ventilation conditions and so on. Therefore, the area of dangerous places should be determined after comprehensive analysis of their effects.

2. The area type of dangerous place is mainly based on the level of release source and ventilation conditions in the place.

Generally speaking, the continuous level release source forms a dangerous place in zone 0; The level 1 release source forms a dangerous place in Zone 1; The level 2 release source forms a hazardous site in Zone 2.

At the same time, regional division should be determined according to ventilation conditions. If ventilation is good, the area category of dangerous places can be reduced. On the contrary, such as poor ventilation, can improve the classification of dangerous areas. This is because the concentration of flammable gases or vapors released into the surrounding area will be diluted below the lower limit of explosion by means of the flow or diffusion of ventilated air.


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