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Mosquito Repellent Method Led Mosquito Repellent Lamp Tube Effect Is Good

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-22 Browse:201

Summer comes, mosquito is very much, how to prevent mosquito or drive mosquito effective, say what is the thing that drives mosquito effective? Here at Pan American Electronics, we show you three ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Method one, drive mosquito method small magic trick
1. Use mosquito nets and window screens to keep mosquitoes out of your room. Personally, I most advocate using mosquito nets when sleeping.
2. Fruit peel mosquito can be orange peel, willow orange peel after drying the package on the corner of the silk stockings, the smell sent out both mosquito and fresh
3.Some vegetables contain scents that mosquitoes don't like, such as beta-carotene vegetables and spicy vegetables such as garlic
4.The scents mosquitoes dislike are mandarin peel, mint, fennel, clove, lavender, eucalylla, citronella, tree and geranium
5. The cool oil that opens a few boxes is put inside the bedroom skillfully with cool oil, wind oil essence or wind oil essence. Mosquito-repellent incense, choking smell;

Method two, drive mosquito method to use plants and flowers
1. Mosquito repellent weed has lemon flavor, kept in the house, mosquitoes will escape. On a hot summer's day, this fragrance can be very refreshing
2. Nocturnal Incense Nocturnal Incense is elegant and beautiful, convenient to grow and inexpensive. In addition, when it blossoms in summer, it is green and white, which makes it easy to cool.
3.Lavender is a kind of fragrant purple flowers, when you arrive in the field of lavender, often unconsciously attracted by its special aroma
4.Geraniums bloom in all seasons, with their peak bloom in spring. The geranium has a peculiar smell which makes flies run away.
5.A plant having very fragrant leaves that are pea-shaped. The ancients used to collect books, avoid the moth, placed under the mat can go to fleas

Method three, mosquito repellent method to use light to mosquito - LED mosquito repellent lamp tube
Mosquitoes are more sensitive to ultraviolet light, often with his this feature, the invention of ultraviolet mosquito killing lamp to kill mosquitoes, has been a very mature technology. Ultraviolet light tube and high voltage discharge to kill mosquitoes, many communities, public places are in use. However, to kill mosquitoes in this way, will have the problem of destroying the ecological balance. After all, mosquitoes are a nuisance to us humans. But he is also a link in the middle of the food chain. Mosquitoes kill too many, its natural enemies will disappear, thus disrupting the ecological balance.

So there are many mosquitoes. Or to drive mainly, just more safe and environmental protection. Is there a solution?

Yes, of course. It's a mosquito repellent lamp. The idea is to use light waves, which mosquitoes hate, to create light. Let the whole space is irradiated, mosquitoes naturally dare not close, thus playing a role in protecting us.

The mosquito repellent lamp is an LED lamp with no noise, no strobe, and no ballast required. Just use it as an ordinary lamp tube and it looks the same. It's just that when it shines, it's a yellowish light.

When you find more mosquitoes, you can turn on the light, it will play the role of mosquito.

For the sake of safety, we can also produce safe voltage 24V mosquito repellent lamp tube for you, 36V mosquito repellent lamp tube, used at home, the elderly, children can use, very safe.

If it is a public place, you can use 220VLED mosquito repellent lamp tube.

Through the above comparison, the third method is the most economical, the operation is also the most simple. Anti - mosquito LED lamp.



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