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Plant Growth Lamp Seaweed Cultivation

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In the last two months, we at Pan American Electronics received a special plant growth lamp for seaweed cultivation. Customers put forward different requirements, we after a month of development and debugging, fully meet the customer requirements of the parameters and indicators. It's a win-win.

1.The function of seaweed
Seaweed has the functions of eliminating phlegm and removing blood stasis, benefiting water and reducing swelling, lowering blood pressure, anticoagulant, enhancing immunity, anti-tumor, anti-infection and anti-oxidation. Seaweed is kelp, seaweed, wakame, cauliflower and other Marine algae, is the growth of algae in the sea.

2. The economic value of seaweed extract

Seaweed is a kind of plant with high economic value. One of them, used in the beauty industry. To wrinkle, freckle, whiten, anti-inflammatory. Seaweed Mask is made from seaweed. Seaweed is rich in vitamin E and protein, which can effectively calm tired and rough skin, clean pores, and provide adequate moisture for skin, thus playing a certain role in wrinkle removal, fudge removal, whitening and anti-inflammatory, and maintaining skin elasticity and youthful strength.

3. Plant growth lamp seaweed cultivation
Algae culture generally starts from the separation of pure species, after multiple generations of reproduction can get the required single species; After special seaweed cultivation, it can be transferred to a large glass container to expand culture. It can be carried out under indoor controlled conditions and must be supplemented with light and artificial culture medium.

4. How does the seaweed plant growth lamp make itself
1) Customer requirements
360 degrees of light
The power of 280 w
Length, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters
Waterproof rating, IP68
Spectrum requirements, special algae spectrum
2) seaweed plant growth lamp production process requirements
(1) for the waterproof processing process, the use of quartz glass shell, with good light transmittance, strong and durable characteristics. We Langte Lighting custom method, in collaboration with glass manufacturers.
Glass tube thickness in 3mm, due to bearing, prevent fragile, the weight of the lamp is relatively heavy, there are 3-4kg
(2) The process of light source, using 4 LED aluminum substrate, into 90 degrees, the first connected, can achieve 360 degrees of light.
(3) Power supply, waterproof power supply external, lead length of 1.6 meters, one drag one, each power use 300W. Each LED lamp board uses 2835 0.5W lamp beads, the number of lamp beads is 140.
(4) Heat dissipation treatment. Due to high power and severe heat, we have tried many ways to improve heat dissipation. One method is to use natural heat dissipation, that is, conventional glass lamp heat dissipation, the effect is not very ideal. The second method, the glass tube with heat dissipation oil to deal with, through the heat dissipation oil, LED lamp board heat can be transmitted out.
(5) The plug is customized. In order to prevent the leakage of internal heat dissipating oil, we use the leak-proof plug for Lante lighting. Because the radiating oil is a kind of organic material, it will corrode the ordinary plastic. The plug is made of special plastic.
Debugging process of seaweed plant growth lamp
Pan American Electronics takes engineers from Dongguan, Guangdong province, to inland provinces to help them solve practical problems.
The use of giant tube to breed, because do not know how many specific to install, to meet the requirements. The experiment started with 10 canisters and increased to 36 canisters per canister until the requirement was met. In other words, the power of each cylinder plant growth lamp reaches 280*36 = 10080W.
Because of the unique technology, the heat dissipation problem is well handled, so far the operation is normal, customer satisfaction, greatly improved their economic benefits, to help customers win the market.


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