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How To Choose The Three Kinds Of Emergency Led Lamps

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Emergency LED lamp is a common emergency lamp, mainly used for emergency lighting in special circumstances, such as power failure, abnormal situation. Panmei Optoelectronics is an emergency LED lamp manufacturer with rich experience in the manufacturing of emergency lamps.

One, three kinds of emergency LED lamp how to choose - Pan American electronics - type, classification
Emergency LED lamp is a kind of emergency lamp. Pan American Optronics falls into three broad categories.
1. Emergency LED lamp with built-in power supply
We will battery, inverter, shrink the volume, all built in the inside of the lamp tube, external without any connection, looks clean, simple. Even people who don't know the circuit diagram can use it. It is like an ordinary lamp tube, but there are labels on the shell, emergency LED lamp, emergency time, lighting power, emergency power, voltage range and other parameters
2. The use of power external emergency LED lamp tube
There are two main components
Part of it is inverter + battery + iron box, the main purpose is to make it all one and not look too messy. The iron box is white, and the output end of the iron box has a terminal for your wiring
Another part, is the LED lamp tube, it is ordinary 110V or 220V AC voltage LED daylight lamp tube
3. Low voltage 24V, 36V emergency LED lamp
The basic structure is the same as item 2. But the wiring method is different. At the same time the requirement must be low voltage 24V, 36VLED lamp to work

Two, three kinds of emergency LED lamp how to choose - Pan American electronics - how to choose
Case one, look at low cost. The price of the built-in battery emergency LED lamp is relatively low. Emergency LED lamp power 4-5W, emergency time > 90 minutes, enough for ordinary emergency environment requirements.
Situation two, do not consider the cost, full power emergency requirements, suitable for the occasion of higher requirements. Using external power supply, relatively large volume, power can do a single 18W, instead of 36W fluorescent lamp emergency; Double 2* 18W, instead of 2* 36W fluorescent lamp emergency. It can be seen that LED lamp emergency, whether single or double emergency power are cut in half. So the total cost of an emergency with LED tubes is lower than that with fluorescent lamps. It's a good deal. Because the larger the battery capacity, then, the cost of the emergency lamp will rise.
Situation three, that is, low voltage 24V, 36V emergency LED lamp. This is a safety voltage emergency. It's similar to case two, but the wiring diagram is different

Three, three kinds of emergency LED lamp how to choose - Pan American electronics - how to connect
1. Wiring diagram of the built-in power emergency LED lamp tube
This one is very simple, you just need to install it as an ordinary LED lamp. Usually when the ordinary lamp, power failure, it will automatically become an emergency lamp.
2. Wiring method of external power emergency LED lamp tube
See below for wiring diagram
There are three wires. Two power cords and one switch cord. The power cord is for input 110V or 220V AC voltage. The switch line must be connected to the fire line to turn off the emergency LED lamp. You must pay attention to this. When the opposite happens, it is possible that the line is not connected correctly.
3. Low voltage 24V, 36V emergency lamp wiring diagram
As shown in the figure below, this emergency LED tube wiring method is different from the previous two.
The number of LED beads in the LED lamp tube is required. It's usually 12 strings. This determines that its voltage will not exceed 36V.


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